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  • build a sense of security
  • make sure that no woman can resist your charm
  • attract the eyes of the sexiest women
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Have you ever wondered why some men find it so easy to interact with women?

The answer is simple. Their pheromones stimulate the female imagination! They make these men more attractive, handsome and masculine in the eyes of women. And this is all thanks to a subtle scent that the average person will not even register.
Although it is difficult to determine the actual presence of pheromones, they certainly work better than many aphrodisiacs. How? Every man and woman have the vomeronasal organ that captures pheromones and gives impulses to the hypothalamus. It's a natural chemical process. And no one, but literally no one can resist it. This is why Désir Éternel Homme perfumes with pheromones are so effectively seductive. Learn more about it!

Results confirmed by scientists

Pheromones are substances that are secreted by most living organisms. In the world of plants and animals, they play the role of a natural lure. Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing have proved that the perception of the opposite sex is based on chemosensory stimuli. Thus, men who produce more pheromones are more attractive to the opposite sex. This is what women are interested in and what makes them lose their minds. They are willing to engage in sexual interactions more often with those men!

Experts confirm the effectiveness of pheromones

„When we started researching pheromones at our Institute of Psychobiology, we assumed that humans are not as sensitive to their effects as animals. After all, intellect, matching characters, and shared interests also come into play when it comes to building relationships. Pheromones work on your instincts subconsciously. After examining 100 pairs of people who did not know each other, it turned out that the response of the hypothalamus in every person exposed to pheromones was unambiguous. Inhaling pheromones stimulated sexual desire, modified the memory of given situations and even changed the mood. That's why I can definitely say today that a perfume with pheromones, like Désir Éternel Homme, will definitely work on the opposite sex”.

Try out the male pheromones

A subtle fragrance with great results - Désir Éternel Homme

You do not believe it? Certainly, you know someone who is very popular with women and who does not stand out with anything supernatural. Think for a moment: is he doing something special that makes women feel attracted to him? Exactly! This is the man whom nature has endowed with "that something", pheromones that work subconsciously. Now you too can achieve this effect thanks to Désir Éternel Homme. A fragrance with male pheromones. Made for a man who wants to arouse lust and build excitement.

Désir Éternel Homme are revolutionary pheromones

Besides the seductive scent that stimulates the senses, in Désir Éternel Homme perfumes you will find a unique composition of pheromones, which are responsible for activating desire in women. They also facilitate making contact, signal good health and well-being, evoke respect, and increase your attractiveness. Pheromones also reduce anxiety in women, allowing for an atmosphere of safety to be created around the fair sex.

Customer reviews of Désir Éternel Homme


“I have never believed in the effects of pheromones. After all, no one has ever seen them, so how can you tell that they work? Well, I must admit that I was wrong. I ordered the Désir Homme just out of curiosity and it was one of my best decisions recently. Seriously. Women just started to be interested in me. I didn't have to do anything really. So the pheromones do work!”


“A colleague told me that pheromones are a perfect lure for women who seem to be unavailable. He was right. I bought Désir Éternel Homme and I have started using it regularly. I went to a club a few times and I just couldn't chase away all the beautiful women. They all wanted to dance with me, rubbed against me, smiled. A few even offered to meet them directly, and a few asked me to buy them a drink. Fantastic results. I wholeheartedly recommend this product."


“I ordered Désir Éternel Homme for a joke. After all, birds dig smart and good looking guys, but not the smell. That's what I thought before trying this perfume. Now I know that chicks go mainly to well-groomed guys who have their heads in order and emit invisible pheromones. In just a month, I met 10 girls! It is a pity that all were just one night stands :) ”


“These perfumes are amazing! I'm talking about Désir Éternel Homme with pheromones. Since I use them, I don't bother talking to women. Now, ladies who find me attractive and do not like to waste their time come to me themselves. That is how the game should be played, gentlemen! ”.

What else can you gain with Désir Éternel Homme?

  • you will build an aura of security around you that women crave
  • you will inspire the confidence of the opposite sex and make every woman willing to go out with you
  • you will become more attractive and self-confident, and ladies will show their interest in you openly

Fast shipping and full privacy

We will send you the ordered goods within 1 business day so that you can enjoy the perfume with pheromones as soon as possible. We will send the product in a discreet box that does not reveal its contents directly to the address provided by you!

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Asked Questions

Désir Éternel Homme is a perfume for men with a mixture of pheromones that act like a magnet on women. They will make you more attractive, masculine and worthy of attention.
INCI Désir Éternel Homme: Alcohol denat., Parfum, Aqua, Cinnamal, Citral, Cintronellol, Coumarin, Eugoenol, Limonene, Linalool, Alpha methylionone.
Désir Éternel Homme is a perfume with pheromones for brave, determined and self-confident men. But also for those who do not have the courage to pick up women. Thanks to the pheromones contained in the cosmetic, you will attract the fair sex. You will arouse their desire and gain affection.
Désir Éternel Homme is a fragrance. Therefore, you will notice the first results after just one application to the skin.
Yes. Désir Éternel Homme is a perfume with natural pheromones that are completely safe.
One bottle of Désir Éternel Homme contains 50 ml of perfume with pheromones.
Use Désir Éternel Homme like any perfume. Spray them on the wrists, neck and chest. Do not rub these areas. To enhance the result apply an unscented cream on the skin just before applying the perfume with pheromones. The smell will last longer. Do not use it directly on clothes.
Désir Éternel Homme is a perfume with pheromones. So there is no need to use a second fragrance at the same time. However, if you want, you can alternate between Désir Éternel Homme and your favourite fragrance.
We fully care for your comfort and privacy. We will send the ordered goods in an ordinary box which does not reveal its content.
We process orders within 1 business day. The parcel will be delivered via a reputable courier company directly to you.
Yes, however, this payment method is available only in selected countries.
Yes, we deliver our products worldwide.

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